More than just Skin.

I’m not a beauty expert.

I’m a beauty advisor. I have had very bad skin in my teenage years. Popping them made it seem easier to get rid of pimples. Then there would be that pimple that I would pop, and then it comes back even bigger. Yes I know the whole struggle of having acne, scarring and the low self-esteem that comes with bad skin. Today I don’t have such problems at all. All due to a few sacrifices I made.

Nothing makes me more happier than giving back and advising. With my skin I have been up and down. Through good and the bad. I love interacting with individuals about skincare and regimes. Finding what works for your skin is a nightmare. I can confess. I can assure you that it is not going to happen overnight. No honey.
Yes there is products on the shelves that works better than others some may say, and that is true. Only because everyone is different. Our skin reacts different to each and every product. Not forgetting our sensitive skin, our phorisis skin and eczema. Every skin is unique and Beautiful.

So, being careful as to which products to use is from utmost importance. Eating. Oh my. Eating healthy, doesn’t always mean you have to cut out your favorite foods or that your diet should only form out of vegetables and fruits. No. When I say Eating healthier it means start with that 1 litre of water. Water does so much for the skin. It flushes out all toxins from the inside.

Some may experience within the 1st week or 2 that they’re breaking out more than usual. That my dear friend, is all the toxins coming from the inside. Don’t give up. Remember that blind pimples do exist. They usually surface when you’re detoxing or using a skin regime good enough to bring them out. Remember that!

Start eating healthy. You’ll thank me later, and your skin will thank “You” later. It is never too late to start. Minimize your unhealthy eating habits. I know this is a very sensitive topic, but come on guys. Rome wasn’t built in 1 day. So by means SACRIFICE, and I don’t mean cats and dogs. I mean those sugar, processed foods and last but not least take aways. You dont have to make major changes in your diet immediately, what you can do is to minimize. Like say for instance you have 3 times a week take aways. Try and minimize it to 2 times a week. Add water to your diet. In the mornings on a empty stomach. Set an reminder for when to drink water during the day. If you can do those, you are on the brink of having beautiful skin and your health will improve too.

With that being said I enjoyed giving back. Get in touch and ask a few questions in the comment box below.


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