The Good Feeling!

One my way to work one morning I was sitting with my earphones listening to music. I decided to opt for more calming music. As I was closing my eyes, allowing my mind to wander as it is a long way still to work.

I had a sudden splash of gratefulness coming over me. I was stunned by the sudden emotion. Not to mention that I’m in public transportation. Which means 66+ people in the bus.
I kept my eyes closed cause I knew once I was going to open them it would be another story. I would have tears rushing out of my eyes. So to avoid that I kept my eyes closed. Just to be on the safe side!

Its difficult to explain the exact kind of emotion I experienced, all I know Is that I want do good. No matter how many bad things is happening outside. I want to be good. I want to be good to humans. To animals. I knew I had to start somewhere and with my busy schedule at work I decided to make a good start at my work place. I started donating gifts to the elderly customers in store. Giving back makes me feel good. It brings a sense of security to the heart.

I’ve had this idea for quite some time I just never knew how to start or how to act it out. I was always scared of what the people would say. I had no choice but to give in and make a start.

There’s a lot more to than just donating. I’ve just started and I’m super excited. You should too. Check out the nearest children’s home or orphanage in you’re area and put a smile on someone’s face today :).

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