Recap 2021!

I must admit, it feels good to be back and writing! Book of life has gotten so busy for me in 2021. I am absolutely thrilled! Come read along what my 2021 was about.

First of all, it wasn’t all glits and glam. It was a year of self- and with that I mean I was mostly with myself. self-loathing, self-centered, self-loved. Not partically in that order.Some days would be me taking care of myself other days it would be me in a pity party right after, one minute i would be laughing till my stomach hurts and the next moment i’d question my existence. 2021 has had it’s good and bad. Always something to smile about in the end.

2022 We welcome YOU!

It has been a rollercoaster most days and i am still learning that it is totally okay to not be okay. We are humans and we need to feel, we need to explore in ourselves and find what works for us. Maybe a slow walk down the beach, a walk down the road or around the block, a long slow drive with loud music to express the hidden feelings, maybe to light a candle to bid farewell to those feelings.

I wish I could just have a quick guide to make those negative feelings disapear, but i am not a profesional. I am here to write and share how i deal with my negative feelings when they come along and how to make my happy moments last a while.

Welcome and thank you for finding your way to my blog!

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