5 Signs to an unhappy workspace.

So it is 2022 and this year we don’t hide things. Lets start with me first. wait, before we start with that serious stuff. I had to quit my full time job late 2021 and girl let me tell you, it was bitter sweet! It really was because I was happy and sad at once, I mean I have been working at this company for like 5+ years, I don’t know how it feels being at home for more that two weeks. Here is a few signs to look out for when struggling at work to avoid making drastic decisions based on how your work situations is, you can still make a change

  1. Mental Health

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my job but soon waking up for my job became a job, like that is how I knew I needed to move on. Like what I usually loved about my work I started to hate, like I am really not joking chile, I would literally cringe at tasks that was given to me and my performance were so poor! I forced myself to move on, not only was I stagnant but I soon came to realize I am stuck. I am stuck and didn’t know how to get out of it.

2. Poor Performance.

So as it became later in 2021 towards the end of the year I started to realized that I am not performing in certain areas at my workplace. Like sales were terrible, in a area where I usually thrived in. My Manager would notice and discuss a few ideas on how to spark up sales again but in all honest, I could not perform or reach a target.

Not reaching targets set out and not doing any effort to do them is a sign, RECOGNISE!

3. Lack of productivity.

So working in retail and having my own counter that i am responsible for, I used to love cleaning my shelfs. Making sure my counter is spotless and making sure everything was on the right place was one of my main points working with skincare and cosmetics, being hygienic smart was my thing. I started lacking in that part of my job. My shelfs started catching up dust and cleaning them was crazy cause it felt like too much to handle in one day. I didn’t know where to start when I finally had the courage to clean them. It would feel like hours cleaning them and I would feel very much discouraged.

Not having any motivation to carry out task is a real red flag.

4. Being unhappy at your workplace.

We all have that one best-friend at work, the ‘work bestie’. Like nothing can break the bond between you two. But soon you start to feel irritable towards your bestie. Anything He/She does just feels off. Like the vibe is off with no explanation so you withdraw yourself from them. You start cutting them off and give them attitude. That basically mean that something regarding your job has got to do with it. Is it the pressure? Recognize those things because no one knows you better than your friend at work.

5. Frequently thinking of leaving your workplace.

Let’s be honest about this one, it happens quite alot and thinking about it often is not heathy at all. It ends in feeling stuck and guilt. Because you want to leave but you can’t because of remaining debt that you have or a family that depend on you. Find your happy place in your workspace. Trust me you don’t want to end up leaving a good paying place and end up unemployed and doing job hunting. It is HARD out there once you are jobless and seaching for a something to bring income.

With this I hope you would recognise and fix what can be fixed within your work space.

Teamwork makes the Dream work!


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