Soul Food.


Proverbs 31v10
“She’s worth far more than rubies.
She speaks with wisdom, and faithfull instructions is on her tongue.
She watches over the affairs of her household.
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Honor her for all her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”

The verses that I have qouted above is only a few of my favourite verses of the scripture. I dont have to go much into detail because the scripture speaks and praises women of all kinds. The working mom, the college girl, the hopefull teenager and our aspiring young toddlers. From a young age (birth) we have always been treated with softness from all around. It is only a natural thing to do. We grow up to learn about life and we stumbles upon a few obsticles along our path that may make it hard for us to believe that there is still softness in this world..

I am here to remind you that the Lord promised that He would never forsake nor leave you. In Psalm 40v20 “HE LIFTED ME OUT OF THE SLIMY PIT, OUT OF THE MUD AND MIRE; HE SET MY FEET ON A ROCK AND GAVE ME A FIRM PLACE TO STAND” -He is literally picking you out of that hole you’re in and and placing you on a SOLID ground – to prevent you from falling in that pit again.

Yes sometimes its hard to carry on but then remember Proverbs and how the Lord find it good to Praise US and speak good of US! How wonderful is that?

“a Mighty warrior finding it fit to praise and speak good of a woman like me?” you might ask.. but God’s love is beyond measure. God forgives! God oversee all sin and His arms is always open for whenever we need solace when our friends or family is not near.

I hope this read had planted that small belief and hope in You that you can do this. You might find yourself standing alone but God is right there waiting for you to take that leap of faith. Trust in him.

-Sadye Jacobs.

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Words On A Sunday.

I have seen domestic violence alot more than I can remember, and one thing that I agree with the saying is that “the tongue has no bone but cuts through flesh”. Words can make or break you. It mends the soul and can break the soul with the same power. I have been and still is a victim of that. I do have to cope with harsh words on a daily basis.

Just sit and think, that if what you are about to say will be a motivation for the next person? Will it be of use? Of value? Or would it break the person down and make you feel better? Will it gain the respect that you wish for?

People usually say they are the straightforward type. The type to say as is. Well, I believe you can be straight-forward but, be straight-forward with a mind. Be straight-forward yes. But know how to bring the message forward. There is various ways to get the message out there. Spitting harmful words are not one of them. Next time, think again before you speak. Most times we let anger get the best of us, we say and do things that is unnecessary. It is normal for us to react in such way. We are all human.

Practice good habits then anger wouldn’t be your weak point. Even if it means you must at least count till 10. Breath in and out. Calm yourself down by taking a walk. Feeding the pets or just sit in silence. There is reasonable ways to calm yourself down without looking like a idiot. The world is a harsh place. It is cruel. The world can do with one less cruel person. Be that person. Let it start with you, today.

Being kind is probably the easiest thing right? A simple good morning or if good morning is too long, just smile and wave. Was it that hard? Sometimes we go through things in life that we feel we need to isolate us from the world that we don’t want to greet the next person, because the person might build conversation, if that’s the case. Just greet them with the eyes. A smirk will do too. I have this habit of smiling with people. (as a greet) and some days I would get the warmest smiles and other times the warmest hugs l. I always try to be the best person I can be to the next person. I have this thing in my head that I don’t know what battle they’re fighting with themselves. They might have issues that they’re dealing with and here I am, being very difficult, rude to say the least. Adding unto that. I don’t want that on my conscious. Thank you, next.

Yes I do have my off days. I just know how to handle them. By doing the basic stuff. I read a book to clear my mind. I listen to music to get me in a calm state. It Works!

I’ll just be this ray of sunshine to everyone who comes my path. It gives me peace of mind. It brings me joy. To know that I’ve just put a smile on someone’s face :).