Adiós 2020!

As we approach the end of 2020, many feel sorrow and others happy. For most people it has been a tough year. Many loved one’s lost and businesses closed down due to lockdown. It has also been a year of many tiktok videos. People got tech savvy, online learning has been a thing. Speaking about online a whole lot of online stores has been opened and personally that is amazing!

Honestly speaking, this year has been alot!

Go out today and make the most! We are not promised tomorrow so rather do what you love today, cause today was granted!

As we bid goodbye to 2020 it’s always healthy to take a look back and see how we can improve as a person. I’m not perfect and always striving to be better than yesterday.

The Good Feeling!

One my way to work one morning I was sitting with my earphones listening to music. I decided to opt for more calming music. As I was closing my eyes, allowing my mind to wander as it is a long way still to work.

I had a sudden splash of gratefulness coming over me. I was stunned by the sudden emotion. Not to mention that I’m in public transportation. Which means 66+ people in the bus.
I kept my eyes closed cause I knew once I was going to open them it would be another story. I would have tears rushing out of my eyes. So to avoid that I kept my eyes closed. Just to be on the safe side!

Its difficult to explain the exact kind of emotion I experienced, all I know Is that I want do good. No matter how many bad things is happening outside. I want to be good. I want to be good to humans. To animals. I knew I had to start somewhere and with my busy schedule at work I decided to make a good start at my work place. I started donating gifts to the elderly customers in store. Giving back makes me feel good. It brings a sense of security to the heart.

I’ve had this idea for quite some time I just never knew how to start or how to act it out. I was always scared of what the people would say. I had no choice but to give in and make a start.

There’s a lot more to than just donating. I’ve just started and I’m super excited. You should too. Check out the nearest children’s home or orphanage in you’re area and put a smile on someone’s face today :).

The fear.

I’d like to share one of my most traumatic experiences so far.

Last year on a Saturday my parents got into an accident. Thankfully my family survived with no scratches, only the memory of the hit. I’m totally terrified at the idea, up untill today. My heart breaks and I feel so suffocated whenever I think about it. Cause I know that if I was in the car I wouldn’t survived it. Not mentally. It’s one of the worst feelings I’ve ever felt, and I wasn’t even in the vechile with them.

I have this fear. The fear of getting hurt. Like physical. I get panic attacks when I hurt myself accidentally. My whole body goes almost dead, my tongue swell up, my throat goes dry immediately and I go dizzy. In an instant!

After the accident of my parents I’ve been more observant than ever! I think that comes with trauma. It’s like my eyes and feelings are more awake, I’m more observant than ever.

It’s Monday morning and I’m on my way to college. The bus drove a little slow, obviously that something ahead is slowed down. We passed an accident scene and my heart dropped. First it was a car. With minor dents. As we drove past the car my heart almost jumped out of my chest, another vehicle was laying on its roof, it was a horrible sight. I felt so so bad, nauseous. It’s like a part of me that’s being ripped apart. I don’t know why, but my heart just bleeds for people in accidents.

Once went to Northern Cape for the weekend and driving there, I mean we’ve been driving to Calvinia for the last foreverness since I can remember, this time it was different. We were driving with the new car. Not that I don’t have trust in my dad, but accidents are beyond his control. And I was shit scared that we would get into an accident. We got in Calvinia safe, even still my nerves worked over time.

On our way home from the weekend we were stuck a little, first we forgot to greet my dad’s sister so we went back there but she was still in work. We drove then my mom remembered that we forgot the meats we bought. So we turned around and went to pick it up. As we were waiting for it, my aunt knocks from work and we greet her a goodbye. We got the meat and we were off.

As we drove there was a vehicle and people standing waving for help. My dad never pulls off to help, reason is people are cruel and use that as a tactic. So my dad pulled off and we were out on helping them. 2 hours passed by and we couldn’t get the vehicle up and running. We decided to drive a mile or two to get some signal to make a phone call for help. We drove like 4 miles before we could get signal. We successfully got assistance from a garage to come help the poor people. And we were off on the road again. They were all religious people and they’d put us on the road with a prayer and a Thank you.

We passed the mountain and came off on a accident minutes before we arrived. I got goosebumps instantly when I saw blue lights. Cause I knew what this means. It was a massive accident. A truck and a car. And it was in God’s will that we had to help those people along the road to save us from the accident ahead. I wanted to cry cause it wasn’t just a lucky for us. But the Lord has a plan for everything. And most we don’t understand but in the long run it becomes clear. And I’m just grateful to be here typing this out. Grateful for the mercy upon my life.

We got home safe that Monday morning. I went to work and heard there was another accident where 4 life’s were taken.

It’s sad to hear about these stuff I literally have goosebumps talking about it.

If you’ve lost a dear friend or family member in a accident, my heart goes out to you. May God always be with you all!

Words On A Sunday.

I have seen domestic violence alot more than I can remember, and one thing that I agree with the saying is that “the tongue has no bone but cuts through flesh”. Words can make or break you. It mends the soul and can break the soul with the same power. I have been and still is a victim of that. I do have to cope with harsh words on a daily basis.

Just sit and think, that if what you are about to say will be a motivation for the next person? Will it be of use? Of value? Or would it break the person down and make you feel better? Will it gain the respect that you wish for?

People usually say they are the straightforward type. The type to say as is. Well, I believe you can be straight-forward but, be straight-forward with a mind. Be straight-forward yes. But know how to bring the message forward. There is various ways to get the message out there. Spitting harmful words are not one of them. Next time, think again before you speak. Most times we let anger get the best of us, we say and do things that is unnecessary. It is normal for us to react in such way. We are all human.

Practice good habits then anger wouldn’t be your weak point. Even if it means you must at least count till 10. Breath in and out. Calm yourself down by taking a walk. Feeding the pets or just sit in silence. There is reasonable ways to calm yourself down without looking like a idiot. The world is a harsh place. It is cruel. The world can do with one less cruel person. Be that person. Let it start with you, today.

Being kind is probably the easiest thing right? A simple good morning or if good morning is too long, just smile and wave. Was it that hard? Sometimes we go through things in life that we feel we need to isolate us from the world that we don’t want to greet the next person, because the person might build conversation, if that’s the case. Just greet them with the eyes. A smirk will do too. I have this habit of smiling with people. (as a greet) and some days I would get the warmest smiles and other times the warmest hugs l. I always try to be the best person I can be to the next person. I have this thing in my head that I don’t know what battle they’re fighting with themselves. They might have issues that they’re dealing with and here I am, being very difficult, rude to say the least. Adding unto that. I don’t want that on my conscious. Thank you, next.

Yes I do have my off days. I just know how to handle them. By doing the basic stuff. I read a book to clear my mind. I listen to music to get me in a calm state. It Works!

I’ll just be this ray of sunshine to everyone who comes my path. It gives me peace of mind. It brings me joy. To know that I’ve just put a smile on someone’s face :).

More than just Skin.

I’m not a beauty expert.

I’m a beauty advisor. I have had very bad skin in my teenage years. Popping them made it seem easier to get rid of pimples. Then there would be that pimple that I would pop, and then it comes back even bigger. Yes I know the whole struggle of having acne, scarring and the low self-esteem that comes with bad skin. Today I don’t have such problems at all. All due to a few sacrifices I made.

Nothing makes me more happier than giving back and advising. With my skin I have been up and down. Through good and the bad. I love interacting with individuals about skincare and regimes. Finding what works for your skin is a nightmare. I can confess. I can assure you that it is not going to happen overnight. No honey.
Yes there is products on the shelves that works better than others some may say, and that is true. Only because everyone is different. Our skin reacts different to each and every product. Not forgetting our sensitive skin, our phorisis skin and eczema. Every skin is unique and Beautiful.

So, being careful as to which products to use is from utmost importance. Eating. Oh my. Eating healthy, doesn’t always mean you have to cut out your favorite foods or that your diet should only form out of vegetables and fruits. No. When I say Eating healthier it means start with that 1 litre of water. Water does so much for the skin. It flushes out all toxins from the inside.

Some may experience within the 1st week or 2 that they’re breaking out more than usual. That my dear friend, is all the toxins coming from the inside. Don’t give up. Remember that blind pimples do exist. They usually surface when you’re detoxing or using a skin regime good enough to bring them out. Remember that!

Start eating healthy. You’ll thank me later, and your skin will thank “You” later. It is never too late to start. Minimize your unhealthy eating habits. I know this is a very sensitive topic, but come on guys. Rome wasn’t built in 1 day. So by means SACRIFICE, and I don’t mean cats and dogs. I mean those sugar, processed foods and last but not least take aways. You dont have to make major changes in your diet immediately, what you can do is to minimize. Like say for instance you have 3 times a week take aways. Try and minimize it to 2 times a week. Add water to your diet. In the mornings on a empty stomach. Set an reminder for when to drink water during the day. If you can do those, you are on the brink of having beautiful skin and your health will improve too.

With that being said I enjoyed giving back. Get in touch and ask a few questions in the comment box below.